Vignelli: Minimal Tumblr theme

Tumblr is a superb microblogging platform for folks who want to get up and running with minimum hassle. The feature set is constantly improving and there are already a number of good themes available. However, when I was searching for a minimalist-style theme, I couldn’t find one I was particularly happy with.

I decided to create to my own free minimal Tumblr theme, inspired loosely by the great Modernist Massimo Vignelli, and the style of my own blog.

Vignelli theme screenshot

Colour customisation

Colours for the following elements are completely customisable once the theme has been installed:

  • Top border colour
  • Site title colour
  • Link colour
  • Link hover colour
  • Button colour
  • Button hover colour
  • Post title colour
  • Post title link colour

To customise these colours, click ‘Customize’ from the site menu in your Dashboard, then ‘Appearance’ from the menu bar.

To show your latest Twitter status and links to other accounts you have on the web, simply add your own usernames under the ‘Appearance’ menu on your Tumblr ‘Customization’ screen.